The essentials to building a healthy workplace

The essentials to building a healthy workplace
16th April 2018

Speaking to a dentist recently I was brought back to thinking how far off the mark businesses can be when planning their business model. She had worked in the same practice for 9 years, but it had been sold to a corporate group of practices 2 years ago. She had always enjoyed working at the practice, but because of the changes, she now dreaded going to work and was desperate to leave.

Our conversation was centered around the obvious things that were wrong: funding in the wrong areas; a lack of funding into the basics of the business; communication; support; confidence in those in charge, and general all round respect between all members of the team. It was even suggested that the cleaners were thought of more highly than the dentists….. Is this really what is going on? Are these professionals really feeling so undervalued?

It made me question my own business model and how our practice functions. I remember early on making sure that the key motivation and shared ethics were around kindness, compassion, and respect. I am a great believer in that old cliché you get out what you put in.

Shouldn’t team members feel that they are all highly respected and supported? That they have the equipment they require, and that there is an investment into the business. As a result, there is a steady footfall of new patients who want to be treated in a kind, happy environment where there is up to date equipment and materials, and where laboratories have been chosen due to their high standard of work, not on the basis that they are the cheapest. We have a strong loyal team who are eager to help each other and go the extra mile for our patients. Surely the easiest way to make money as a practice, and the most enjoyable way to work is with a happy team and happy patients. Maybe we all need reminding from time to time what is important and why we are doing things.

Is it working? Are the team happy? Are patients getting the best service that we can offer? A happy working environment is definitely a more productive one!

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