How teamwork helps ensure success

How teamwork helps ensure success
26th February 2018

Here at Profitable Practices, we understand the importance of working as a team to make a business grow effectively and to truly provide the best service possible.

Although good teamwork plays a positive role in most industries, we have a passion for creating outstanding dental practices where people can develop skills, thrive and become the best they can possibly be. But we would like to explore this term ‘teamwork’ further. What exactly is teamwork? And how important is it to the success of your business?

What is teamwork ?

Teamwork, in its basic form, can be defined as a group of people working together towards a common goal or objective. Teamwork also signifies the people involved working cohesively and efficiently, which in turn creates a positive working atmosphere.

Teamwork in the workplace involves cooperation among employees. This could be to hit a particular sales target, to create the perfect product or to provide the best service possible. In other cases, teamwork could be more general, such as to work towards the good of the company.

Why teamwork helps ensure success

Famous writer C.S Lewis once quoted that ‘two heads are better than one’ well, what about six heads or more? Teamwork brings together a group of various people and these people all have different skillsets and attributes. When a team works well together, towards a common goal, it can provide a highly efficient, and often outstanding performance.

The teamwork helps the workload to be spread among people, which creates a smoother structure and encourages a bond between people. The team communicate with each other, which enables different perspectives to be seen and can allow businesses to respond to change more quickly. New ideas can also be exchanged and previous knowledge and working practices can be shared, pooling the best of these practices for the good of the business.

Top tips for building teamwork in the workplace

Within a dental practice, we believe the teamwork should work towards the good of the patient, to provide the best dental care and service that the patient deserves, which results in their happy return for years to come. But alongside this excellent service, we feel that the dental practice should be a place where the staff can be nurtured and can thrive, thus creating a happy workforce, who are fully equipped to provide this excellent service.

Running any business, and particularly a dental practice, can be extremely time-consuming and we are very aware of this fact, hence we create a bespoke working method for every dental practice we work with.

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