Protecting your practice’s value – can you afford to be an NHS practice?

Protecting your practice’s value – can you afford to be an NHS practice?

14th August 2018

Kevin O’Neill explains why it makes good business sense to consider growing the private side of your practice. Every practice owner should have a business plan that is regularly reviewed and updated. An essential part of that should be an exit plan, because ultimately there is only one reason to create a business of your…

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Creating Raving Fans

30th July 2018

Lindsey O’Neill of Profitable Practices advises on how to turn your patients into raving fans We all know by now that we should have hordes of raving fans, or if we do not yet have them we should definitely want them. The quandary that most of you reading this will be having is how to…

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Creating excellence in all you do

27th July 2018

Do you feel that your practice could perform better, but are unsure how to go about changing this? Are you wanting someone to help you who has been there as a practice owner and understands the realities of dealing with staff and patients and running a business? Someone who won’t judge you or make unrealistic…

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Avoiding complaints

10th July 2018

I recently attended a section 63 course run by the Yorkshire Deanery titled Medico-legal update, given by a medico-legal advisor who worked for Dental Protection. Inevitably the topic moved onto complaints; I was amazed by the detail of one particular claim, where a dentist had seen a patient as an emergency on the NHS, on…

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The essentials to building a healthy workplace

16th April 2018

Speaking to a dentist recently I was brought back to thinking how far off the mark businesses can be when planning their business model. She had worked in the same practice for 9 years, but it had been sold to a corporate group of practices 2 years ago. She had always enjoyed working at the…

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How to create a lasting impression

4th April 2018

You have one chance at making a lasting impression with a new patient, and it often happens outside your surgery or even before they enter the practice. This vital initial impression is often handled by the person answering your telephones. As a result of this, anyone within the practice who is likely to be the…

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22nd March 2018

One of my pet hates is underselling, and the act of undervaluing your treatment. As a practice owner it makes my toes curl to hear this being done, and as a result when I’m out in the big wide world I am conscious of it happening all around me; I wonder how businesses make any…

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How teamwork helps ensure success

26th February 2018

Here at Profitable Practices, we understand the importance of working as a team to make a business grow effectively and to truly provide the best service possible. Although good teamwork plays a positive role in most industries, we have a passion for creating outstanding dental practices where people can develop skills, thrive and become the…

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